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Pay attention to these problems when purchasing a commercial ice cream machine

This summer is extremely hot, and many shops are planning to buy a commercial ice cream machine. An efficient and easy-to-use commercial ice cream machine can greatly increase the traffic in the store and increase the daily sales of the store. When purchasing a commercial ice cream machine, in addition to considering Besides the cooling effect, what other factors should be considered at the same time? Let the ice cream maker manufacturer guangli tell you about it.

1. Puffing and homogenization rate

This indicator is an important parameter to measure the taste of ice cream. The puffing phenomenon is the mixing of tiny air bubbles in the mixture. This depends on the quality of the compressor. A good compressor can shorten the molding time of ice cream, increase the output of ice cream, and also make ice cream better. The taste is more delicate.

2. Sterilization effect

On the premise of ensuring the sterilization effect, the shorter the heating time of the mixture, the better. At present, the pasteurized machine on the market can be cleaned once every 14 days, which greatly saves manpower and cleaning costs.

ice cream machine purchase

3. The number of discharge ports, the capacity

Single head: One storage tank and refrigerating cylinder, one outlet can only produce one color and flavor ice cream, suitable for places of business scope and low traffic, such as bars, coffee shops, ktv, etc.

Three heads: two storage and refrigeration cylinders, and three discharge ports can produce ice cream in three colors and flavors at the same time, which is more common in stores with large traffic.

At present, there are five-head and seven-head ice cream machines on the market. When choosing the number and capacity of the outlet, it should be determined according to the flow of people in the store and the nature of customers. In shopping malls or supermarkets and other places with large passenger flow and concentrated places, it is recommended to use large output. ice cream machine.

4. Power

Generally, 220V/50HZ civilian power supply is used, but some machines may use 380V power supply, so you must ask before purchasing an ice cream machine.

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